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Jo Blogs...13 October 2014

13 Oct 2014

The ramifications from the Scottish referendum vote continue to ripple all the way down to Whitehall. What will enhanced devolved powers look like for Scotland, and crucially how will the Scottish parliament choose to use these powers?

Just this week we've seen a glimpse into some of the implications with the revised Stamp Duty powers. Stamp Duty is something we've been looking at - what would northern regions 'win' (or possibly) 'lose' if Stamp Duty was devolved to Combined Authorities or LEPs?

We've done some provisional modeling, and early analysis suggests retaining stamp duty would dwarf the amount of money the northern regions currently receive through routes such as the HCA's Affordable Housing Programme.

We're looking to validate this research and look forward to using it as part of our on-going dialogue with NHC members and with government to promote the value of enhanced devolution and a greater role for housing within the devolved agenda.

We believe that housing is a strong supporter for economic growth and growing the northern economy is surely top of everyone's agenda.

You'll hear more ideas about devolution at the forthcoming Northern Housing Summit on 6/7th November and we're really pleased that alongside our Summit in Leeds, the Deputy Prime Minister is holding his own Northern Futures Summit exploring how we can collectively develop a "northern powerhouse".

There seems to be a real head of steam developing on this topic and we're convinced housing must be part of the debate. I know from working with you on themes such as devolved stamp duty, exploring freedoms and flexibilities around housing benefit, and developing housing enterprise zones, that the housing sector in the North is relevant to government, creative in its responses to challenges, focused on delivering new homes, better homes, supporting the right jobs, shaping places and above all we're ready to #leadnotplead.

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