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Jo blogs... 9 September 2014

09 Sep 2014

I know the media never feels they can get much from positive stories and when you work in the housing sector it seems all we see is negative stereotypes and people being pilloried for being poor. At the weekend I saw a different view: thousands upon thousands of people running for charity in the Great North Run, and thousands supporting them.

The encouragement from people standing at the end of their streets and gardens in Tyneside was fantastic, and I hope that the housing sector will itself be giving similar support and encouragement when we share the success stories of social housing customers on #housingday on the 12th November. The inaugural housing day campaign last year surpassed expectations, driven by Ade Capon from Yorkshire Housing, and I think it is great that this year the focus of the day will have a greater focus on social housing customers.

Our recent publication Empowering Tenant Enterprise is a great example of the positive stories - it is unfortunate that the portrayal of social housing customers in the media in general is critical and derogatory.

We can moan about this or - as #housingday shows - we can challenge this portrayal and build a new narrative. I know which one I'm going for, and I hope Northern Housing Consortium members will join me in participating on the 12th November.

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