Our Board

The Northern Housing Consortium is governed by a Board of Management.

Your representatives

North East

 John Craggs
Chris Smith 
 Geraldine Wilcox
John Craggs (Chair)
Deputy Chief Executive
Gentoo Group
Chris Smith
Managing Director
Erimus Housing
Geraldine Kay
Chief Executive
Derwentside Homes

North West

Bob Taylor 
Cath Green 
Ian Ankers
 Bob Taylor
Group Chief Executive
    Knowsley Housing Trust  
  Cath Green
Chief Executive
First Choice Homes Oldham 
Ian Ankers (Vice Chair)
Director of Housing Services
Bolton at Home
 Nick Atkin
 Rob Young
Nick Atkin
Chief Executive
Halton Housing Trust
Rob Young
Chief Executive
Helena Partnerships

Yorkshire & Humberside

Geraldine Howley 
Liz Cook 
 Susan Jordan
Greg Robinson
Assistant Chief Executive Resources
Liz Cook
 Chief Officer Statutory Housing
Leeds City Council
Susan Jordan
Chief Executive
St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Co-opted Directors

 Michael Laing  Paul Beardmore
Michael Laing
Service Director
Gateshead Council
Paul Beardmore
Director of Housing
Manchester City Council
Tom Miskell


Directors are appointed from Full Member organisations and nominations are reviewed against a skills matrix of Directors to ensure that they are suitable to fill any vacancies on the Board. 
The term of office of a Director is a maximum of two terms of three years (or 6 years) and at every AGM, one third of Directors are subject to retirement and will do so by rotation.   Membership of the Board comprises of six to twelve Directors including the Chair and one Vice Chair (except in the period to the close of the AGM 2014 when the number of Directors will be thirteen).

The Board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss governance issues, the business and performance of the organisation, and to ensure Members needs are met.

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