Our People

Executive Management Team

 Jo Boaden
Jo Boaden
Chief Executive
0191 5661005

 Charlotte Harrison  Tracy Harrison
Charlotte Harrison
Executive Director (Policy & Public Affairs)
Tracy Harrison
Commercial Director
0191 5661003
 Sarah Lister
Sarah Lister
Chief Operating Officer
0191 5661014


 Gill Jackson  
Gill Jackson
Senior Account Manager
0191 5661012

Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson
Account Executive
0191 5661025
Sam Walton
Account Executive
0191 5661036
Louise Chase  Rachel Wheeler
Louise Chase
Senior Procurement and Contracts Officer
0191 5661026
Rachel Wheeler
Procurement and Contracts Officer
0191 5661019
Nicola Benson Yvonne Leonard
Nicola Benson
Procurement Support Officer
0191 5661033
Yvonne Leonard
Procurement and Contracts Support Officer
0191 5661017
Yvonne Leonard
Alistair Merchant
Trainee Account Executive
0191 5661039



 Martin Adams  Jacqui Grimes
Martin Adams
Smarterbuys Vendor Manager
0191 5661028
Jacqui Grimes
Smarterbuys Programme Manager
 Susanne Martin  
Susanne Martin
Smarterbuys Customer Services Assistant
0191 5661031



 Nigel Johnston  Kate Maughan
Nigel Johnson
Efficiency Manager
0191 5661006
Kate Maughan
Efficiency Manager
0191 5661027 

Policy and Public Affairs 

Brian Robson Satty Rai
Brian Robson
Policy Services Manager
Satty Rai
Policy Services Manager
 Barry Turnbull  
Barry Turnbull
Policy Services Officer
0191 5661030
Callum Smith
Policy and Public Affairs Assistant


 Jeremy Brock  
Jeremy Brock
Events Manager
0191 5661020

   Lucy Thompson
Lucy Thompson
Events and Exhibitions Officer
0191 5661021


Michelle Moralee
 Lynda Redshaw
Michelle Moralee
Company Secretary and Finance Manager
0191 5661016
Lynda Redshaw
Executive Assistant
0191 5661017
 Yvonne Shipley  Kay Wiseman
Yvonne Shipley
Finance and Payroll Officer
0191 5661018
Kay Wiseman
HR Officer
0191 5661037
   Rachel Mersh
Kristina Dawson
Data Analyst/Customer Relationship Officer
0191 5661002
Rachel Mersh
Finance Assistant
0191 5661022
   Scott Goodacre  
James Fairless
IT Manager
0191 5661004
Scott Goodacre
Senior Marketing Officer
 0191 5661024

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