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The Northern Housing Consortium represents the views of housing organisations in the North of England and has strong relationships with local and national government, and unrivalled respect and credibility within the housing sector - we are the North's leading membership body.

For 40 years we have been organising conferences, exhibitions and seminars across the UK and in 2014 over 1500 housing professionals came to our events to hear from the housing sectors most experienced speakers on a wide range of topics.

We have over 182 members located in the North of England with a further 150 based outside of the region. Full membership is drawn from local authorities, Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs), Registered Providers (RPs), and other stakeholder organisations involved in housing from across the North.

In today's environment, budgets have been cut in almost every area, including marketing. In the world of advertising, we are being bombarded every day with messages of new and improved products and services. A more effective and powerful way to promote your company is to become an event sponsor, with the following advantages:

  • Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility Companies in general have few opportunities to build trust and establish rapport with their customers and prospects. Getting involved with an NHC event and being seen as dependable and supportive will accelerate the process. Attending an event is important but standing out in the crowd by being a sponsor will highlight you and your business with a captive audience.
  • Highly Targeted Marketing Our events will have a certain mix of people that are in attendance. All of our events are specifically targeted to Housing professionals and specialists within the sector.
  • Leveraged Lead Generation The majority of people who attend our events will most likely know others with similar areas of focus. Remember, not only will you be in front of them but may have a chance to be recommended to their connections as well.
  • Media Exposure All of our events are regularly fully marketed to our members 26 weeks prior to each event to ensure the event is well attended and generally successful. When sponsors decide to be involved, they will automatically get the benefit of being promoted throughout the process. This will provide you with extended exposure and visibility within the housing sector.
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition You will receive branding and logo placement on all event communications (pre and post event) including event flyers and programmes, the NHC website dedicated event booking page, weekly email marketing campaigns, on the day delegate packs and badges, all signage including introductory slides for keynote speakers, an exhibition space and a potential speaking opportunity. We also provide you with two additional delegate places for your colleagues to attend also.

All of these benefits will add to increasing brand awareness of your organisation in the marketplace. Being recognised as a sponsor will communicate value and support with the audience at our events.

  • Generate NEW Sales and Form NEW Business Partnerships Our events will provide you with an opportunity to display your products or encourage people to use your services in the future. Consider providing promotional incentives or special discount if purchased at the event. By attending an NHC event it will also enable you to create NEW professional relationships with other sponsors, vendors, speakers and attendees.
  • Showcase your products, distribute Samples or Trial Offers Whether your company has been around for years or just starting, bringing samples or providing a product demonstration to an event is a great way to "test market” before investing in a major marketing campaign. Consider giving trial offers to the attendees in exchange for honest feedback. This will provide useful information and allow the company to adjust accordingly.
  • CONTACTS - Access to Mailing Lists, Distribution Channels, Broadcast Opportunities You will receive a copy of the list of attendees prior and on the day of the event, this is a perfect opportunity for you to select the businesses/contacts you wish to make contact with and even arrange to meet them at the event.

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at one of our events we offer a comprehensive package that we can tailor to specifically meet the needs of your business. Please see below a list of the events we have planned for next year. If you are interested in attending any of these events and wish to find out more information relating to the content and target audience, please click on each event where it will take you directly to the event page.

Other events coming up in 2015:

  • Adaptations
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Housing Law
  • Resident Involvement
  • Crime and ASB
  • Northern Housing Summit
  • Tenant Panels

For more information on any of the events listed above or if you would like to discuss the cost and options available to you, please contact Lucy Thompson on 0191 566 1021 or alternatively you can email lucy.thompson@northern-consortium.org.uk.

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