Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing highlights success of Summer Playscheme

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing has produced a video highlighting its Summer Playscheme initiative which has benefitted more than 500 children across a dozen estates. What started as a way to give children some citizenship skills and a bit of fun over the summer holidays has turned into a wider project to reduce the effects of poverty on children and their parents.

This year’s scheme focused on play experience and how it influences personal growth and development. With a team that comprised experienced play facilitators, a fine artists, a senior play leader and community workers, children from KNH estates learned a wide variety of skills.

Watch the full video here.


“We ran taster sessions within local schools aimed   at transition aged children and enlisted the help of teachers to identify children who would benefit from a week’s worth of imaginative but structured play and whose parents were unlikely to have the means to enrol their children in any commercially run holiday play clubs” says a spokesperson for KNH. “The feedback from providers, children and parents suggested that the short-term impact at least was considerable with many children not only engaging in the activities on offer but sharing very profound insights about their relationship to their environment, art, team work and their future… What we discovered and which is echoed in the film, is that where adults offer an activity structure or theme but encourage children to negotiate how the play unfolds, a rich, organic expression of free play emerges which can be extremely creative and participatory.”


KNH’s project was supported by Communities Who Can, Kirklees Council, University of Huddersfield, First, Metro, Magnet and a wealth of community volunteers. The NHC is delighted to share one of our member organisations’ exciting work. If you would like one of your association’s recent successes featured on the NHC website, please contact

New TECS framework launched

We are pleased to announce that our new Technology Enabled Care Services framework is now available for our Members to access.

Consortium Procurement has provided a trusted, compliant and easy-to-access route for Members to procure their telecare requirements for over 20 years.

Drawing upon our unrivaled expertise and knowledge of this critical service area through our previous Assisted Living framework, the new national TECS agreement covers both products and services.

Members can procure the following services via the framework:

  • Product Technologies
  • Installation Services
  • Service, Maintenance & Repair
  • Call Monitoring
  • Mobile Response
  • Control Centre Equipment

Members can specify bespoke solutions for their individual requirements to promote choice to service users who wish to live independently yet with the confidence that assistance can be reached.

Some of the key benefits our new Technology Enabled Care Solutions framework will deliver are:

  • Fully EU directive compliant
  • Confidence and peace of mind – the NHC has over 20 years of experience in this market place
  • Flexible specifications to meet members’ requirements
  • Significant cost efficiencies

If you would like to learn more about our new TECS framework, please contact our procurement team on 01915661000 or drop us a line at