New framework for Asbestos currently in development

5 August 2015

Our members are our biggest asset and we always strive to deliver high quality service and various procurement solutions to meet their needs.

Our Asbestos Management and Abatement Services framework is widely accessed by many organisations across the UK and we have received some excellent feedback from them. As our current framework expires in 2016, we are delighted to announce that we have commenced working on the development of a new framework for Asbestos Management Services and our aim is to have it in place and available to our members just in time to replace the existing one in March 2016.

We are currently working hard to make sure our new framework meets our stakeholders’ needs. We would like to make sure that this new framework will be right for your organisation and will cover as many of your requirements as possible, so we would be delighted if you could share your views with us (this places you under no obligation to use the framework). We have a number of ways for you to feedback to us:

Member engagement session

We will be looking at organising a member engagement session in September at our offices in Sunderland. We would be extremely grateful if members could get back to us and let us know their availability and preferences in terms of what topics/issues our framework development lead should discuss and put a special emphasis on.

Telephone/email feedback

In case that you are not willing to attend our member engagement session but still would like to share your thoughts about our existing framework for Asbestos, you could do so over the phone or via email.


Please get in touch with us to give us your suggestions on 0191 566 1000 or 07941 665 396, or email us.