New Electronic Payment Services framework launched

After a comprehensive development and procurement process, we are delighted to announce that our new Electronic Payment Services framework is now available for Members to access.

allpay Ltd, have been appointed as the sole supplier on the framework for four years from 1 June 2015.  Under this framework allpay Ltd can provide our Members with a fully managed network service with the Post Office and Paypoint, and also offer a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Payment Cards
  • Bar Codes
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Direct Debits
  • Text Payments
  • Smart phone app Payments
  • Telephone Payments
  • Online Payments

The benefit of using this framework is a compliant, easy and swift route to contract without the need to carry out your own tender process.

Tracy Harrison, Commercial Director at NHC, said:

“We have been offering a solution for electronic payment services for over 10 years. In excess of 100 members across the UK currently procure their contract via the NHC framework. With the wider roll out of Universal Credit on the horizon, it is more important than ever for members to offer a range of payment options to their customers. Allpay Ltd offers a suite of innovative payment methods and we are delighted to be continuing our highly successful partnership with them. The savings offered on transaction rates through this new framework provides members with even greater value for money. We look forward to working with allpay for the next 4 years to deliver a fantastic service to our members.”

allpay Managing Director Tony Killeen said the Consortium Procurement framework had now become one of the most recognised frameworks nationally, and that the new agreement would continue to offer members savings through cost-effective bill payment technology.

He said: “allpay is delighted to have been awarded sole supplier status on the framework for a third time. This shows that we continue to offer the widest range of payment options for members at market-leading rates. There is great demand from housing organisations and local authorities to streamline their payment services across cash, debit/credit card and direct debit acceptance where this can be supplied by a single organisation under a single contract.

“Members will also benefit from the direct investment we are making in online, mobile and direct debits over the next 12 months, further streamlining processes and aiding in payment collection.”

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Consortium Procurement on 0191 566 1000 or email