Background and business case

A workingmen’s club in Hebburn, South Tyneside, which ran into disrepair and was poorly attended, was put on the market by its owners. It was identified as a perfect location for social housing and working with Able Construction (Northern), Bernicia built four 3-bed and 10 2-bed houses for affordable rent.

Partners involved

  • Able Construction (Northern)
  • Homes England
  • South Tyneside council

Programme Costs

Total scheme costs: £1, 831,177

Value of Affordable Homes Programme support for scheme: £280,000

Scheme size – 14 units (four 3-bed, 10 2-bed) all affordable rent.


Sales total for 9 units is currently £625,625

The local community have fully supported the development as it removed an eyesore building and considerable improved the area they live in.

“It’s such an improvement for the local community on what was here beforehand and we’re starting off a new community based on affordable, high quality family accommodation with the support of the Affordable Homes Programme.”

“We always knew it would be a popular development given the area it is in, but not quite as popular given the number of bids to our housing management team. We’re over the moon with the quality of the homes and the level of interest in them shows people recognise that quality and that we are meeting a need for this type of housing in the area.”

Sharon Lake, Bernicia Programme Manager.

The Onyegbule family are the first tenants to move onto the new estate which is ideal for young families, situated close to local schools and with excellent transport links to Jarrow and Hebburn town centres.

“It was exciting getting the keys and opening the door for the first time. It’s got a very good size kitchen, it’s a very good place and ideal for a family,” said Elizabeth, a senior care assistant, who used to live with her husband Kevinson, a Nissan production worker, and their young son Naeto in a Gateshead flat.

“It’s spacious and has a garden which is a lovely environment.”