Free gadget helps Regenda residents wipe out condensation

The Regenda Group has become one of the first housing associations in the country to arm its residents with a simple gadget to help wipe out condensation.

Hygrometer-thermometers, which measure the amount of moisture in the air and room temperature, are being given out free to residents who have problems with condensation and damp.

By controlling ventilation and heat, residents can achieve the ideal conditions which keep condensation at bay. Regenda’s asset manager, Graham Minton, says the portable devices cost only £1.79 each, are the size of a small clock and easy to use.

“The separate hygrometer and temperature gauges both have green sections. Providing the percentage of humidity detected and the room temperature stays in the green, condensation won’t be a problem. Once humidity and temperature levels change, residents can easily get the balance right simply by adjusting their heat and ventilation,” said Graham.

Dampness caused by condensation can lead to wall staining and wood rotting, a higher number of dust mites and an increased risk of illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis.

Bathrooms and kitchens, where a large amount of moisture is produced, are particularly vulnerable rooms.

“Nobody wants the problems associated with condensation but one resident’s idea of what is a well ventilated room set at the right temperature can be very different to another person’s opinion. The great thing about a hygrometer-thermometer is that it removes all the guess work and shows you just how close or far off the mark you really are,” added Graham.

Regenda spends at least £60,000 a year inspecting and treating the results of condensation and damp, so a little gadget which allows residents to control and avoid it should help to make some big savings too.

“The main difference between condensation and other forms of damp is that residents have the ability to reduce and solve the problem. The hygrometer-thermometers will make it easier for them to take positive actions themselves,” said Graham.