Regenda residents offered free weight loss sessions

A housing association has thrown its weight behind a new project to encourage residents to become fitter and healthier.

Almost 40 neighbours from Fleetwood’s West View housing estate have signed up for a free 12 week weight management programme.

The Regenda Group is supporting the initiative as part of its regeneration of the local area.

Community development manager, Tracey McNamara, said: “Poor lifestyle issues are sometimes magnified on estates like West View where improving the general wellbeing of local people is central to regeneration. This isn’t just about losing weight, this is about empowering our residents to help themselves.”

So many residents turned up to enrol for the weight management programme that it has already been extended from one to two weekly sessions at the West View Children’s Centre.

Among those taking part are Regenda residents Julie Winterbottom, 43, who put on weight after she quit smoking, Ted Hargreaves, 59, who needs to shed a couple of stones before undergoing a hospital operation, and 33 year-old Debbie Craft who has set herself a target to lose seven stones.

“I know that I eat too much, the wrong kind of things at the wrong time of the day and that I don’t do enough exercise. I need to change all that before my health suffers and this is a great way of me taking a bit of control and starting to look after myself,” said Debbie.

The weight management programme, called Y:Weight, is run by the YMCA with funding from Lancashire County Council and support from partners including Regenda.

“The fact that these sessions are free of charge makes a big difference to residents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. This is a carefully structured programme and hopefully, over the coming weeks and months, we’ll see them losing weight at a steady rate, keeping it off and starting to feel much healthier,” added Tracey.