Cambridge University research around the role of housing and housing providers in tackling poverty experienced by young people

The Northern Housing Consortium would like to see some of the great work members are doing in tackling poverty among young people to be showcased as part of a piece of research Cambridge University are currently carrying out around The Role of Housing and Housing Providers in Tackling Poverty Experienced by Young People. The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and is being carried out by the research team at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.

The team are currently trying to find out more about innovative or new ideas in tackling poverty being undertaken by housing providers, and are asking organisations to complete a short online survey to inform them about projects across the sector. The team is also hoping that some will be willing to be case studies – which will give them an opportunity to have some of their work included in an evaluation and the opportunity to share good practice with others working in the field.

A total of 10 case studies will be selected with a focus on emerging practice that is innovative or offers potential new ways to tackle poverty. This could include (though is not limited to):

  • Reducing rents or other costs associated with housing (such as utility bills).
  • Reducing other expenditure of poor households, focusing on debt management as servicing debt repayments can take up a large part of disposable incomes in poor households. Some schemes also help people to give up smoking, improve DIY skills and budget to make money go further.
  • Increasing incomes by helping people into work or training.
  • Locating housing near to jobs, and/or prioritising such housing for those in employment, such as central London worker schemes.
  • Increasing the capacity for unsupported and supported independent housing.
  • Facilitating access to housing for young people, such as PRS access schemes or tenancy-sustainment work.
  • Tackling the wider factors that are both causes and consequences of poverty such as ill-heath, poor housing conditions or low educational attainment.

Cambridge have set up a survey to collect the examples of models being delivered to tackle youth poverty amongst young people, which you can access here.

Cambridge has intentionally left their call for ideas pretty broad at this stage as they are seeking a broad set of examples of what is being done in different places to help tackle poverty. The examples they have suggested are where housing providers are providing budgeting advice to help young people make their money to go further, offering cheaper forms of housing (e.g. shared housing models), and schemes to help young people save for rent deposits.

Please complete the survey through the above link and if possible please send Satty Rai a copy of your responses. We are keen to hear of the different approaches adopted by members to tackle poverty.