Designed for Life winners Bookcase Memories, students of the University of Northumbria

Designed for Life winners announced

The winners of the Northern Housing Consortium and University of Northumbria’s Designed for Life competition have been announced.

Bookcase Memories, a service which was created to be accessed from the point of diagnosis of dementia, was chosen by the judging panel after weeks of deliberation.

Conceived by second year students at the university’s design school, Bookcase Memories was chosen because of its accessibility as well as the fact it provided supportive and practical advice for families as well as those affected by the condition.

The expert reference group and judging panel were both impressed by the design of the product, which was both visually appealing and tactile. The group’s considerable research on dementia was evident, and it was deemed to be a low cost service which provided great value.

Second placed Illic – meaning ‘therapy’ in Latin – also received plaudits from the panel, who liked the idea of developing a series of products which promoted awareness of time, routines, and helped create a sense of independence.

The judging panel for the competition consisted of Alive!, Dames Esther Rantzen and Clare Tickell, Jim Coulter, and Jo Moriarty from King’s College London. Designed for Life was sponsored by Appello, who were also part of the judging panel.

Both presentations are available to download – you can access Bookcase Memories here, and Illic is available here.

You can read our CEO Jo Boaden’s thoughts on dementia and the impact it could have on housing on the Inside Housing website (subscription required).