NHC supports DCLG announcement – Government will not proceed with compulsory income based rents (”pay to stay”)

Since the Housing and Planning Bill came into being the NHC has sought to work constructively with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to ensure it fully understood the issues that could arise from the “pay to stay” policy. The civil servants we engaged with were always keen to hear the views of NHC members and we thank them for the time they gave us.

We are pleased that CLG officials and Ministers have taken the views of our members on board in reaching this decision not to proceed with the policy as originally intended. The NHC remains committed to working with our members and relevant government departments to provide constructive feedback on policy impacts and have secured policy change on the back of this engagement. Our members value these opportunities with civil servants and we will continue to work collaboratively across our membership to ensure the concerns and ambitions of housing in the North are recognised and supported.

To read the full announcement from DCLG, please click here.