The NHC Releases Second Universal Credit Impact Report

The Northern Housing Consortium has today released its ‘Impact of Universal Credit, Round 2’ report. The second in a series of four (read here), this report builds on the results of the first report published in July (read here). The research investigates how the implementation and continuing rollout of Universal Credit is affecting housing organisations in the north.

This new update collects trend data and draws comparisons between the full survey results with the returned data from North West housing provider respondents to ascertain whether working with the Universal Credit (UC) system for a longer time affects respondents’ experiences of the system. Some of the key findings from the Round 2 report are:

  • More than a third of the respondents said that tenants had terminated their own tenancy as a direct result of UC
  • Almost all organisations that debit tenants’ rent account in advance found UC payment in arrears caused them difficulties
  • 5% of organisations have introduced credit reference checks to prospective tenants as a result of UC implementation
  • 9% of respondents have experienced delays in processing UC claims

The NHC will continue to use its findings to engage with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) officials through the NHC’s roundtable programme to raise members’ concerns and experiences. The NHC will work with DWP to make the new system as smooth as possible for tenants, housing providers and DWP alike.

Future rounds of the survey will be announced in the NHC eZine but there is also a dedicated contact list for anyone interested in taking part in the project. To ensure you are able to participate in future rounds, please contact Barry Turnbull, Policy Services Officer at