How does the search work?

Members have two search options, either to search via a free text box or by using pre-defined categories. We use a tagging and keyword system, so suppliers, events, services and documents are tagged with key search terms that we predict members will use to search. We also monitor what members are searching for on a regular basis, which allows us to recommend existing suppliers, add new more appropriate tags and source new suppliers if we need to.

How do I contact a supplier?

On each listing on the market place, you will see an ‘Email’ link. By clicking this and filling in brief details, you can notify the supplier that you’d like more information or to discuss working with them. We ask you to contact suppliers this way in the first instance, as it helps us to keep track of who is using the market place and for what services.

Have suppliers been through a competitive tendering process?

No, unless the listing you are viewing is part of a procurement framework, in which case it will be clearly stated. Members’ Market Place is an area where suppliers of products and services who are of interest to the housing sector can advertise to the Northern Housing Consortium membership. We check the financial standing of suppliers and ask members to feed back on their experience of using these suppliers. Suppliers have not and will not be put through any competitive tendering exercise at this stage and therefore we cannot guarantee that the products and services offered are the best value option; nor that suppliers hold any ‘preferred’ or ‘approved’ status.

I’m a full member of the NHC, can I offer services to the membership too?

Absolutely. Many of our full members have products and services they’d like to advertise, and because you’re a full member you can do this without paying the joining fee. We’ll still need you to fill in a supplier pack though – see our information for suppliers for more information.