Tackling Exclusion: Member Engagement Events – AQUA

The Rental Exchange has been developed with advice from regulators and consumer groups and fully complies with all relevant laws, including the Data Protection Act. It is a secure and confidential database to help build tenants’ credit reports and you can be confident that tenant information will not be shared with any third parties for marketing purposes

The Rental Exchange will help tenants with the challenges they face in everyday life, such as getting a better tariff for a bill, attaining affordable credit when they need a loan, or proving their identity.

The Rental Exchange team are being approached by more and more social housing providers, recognising that this project is beneficial to both tenants and housing providers. Signing up is simple, starting with analysis of your tenants’ data to see the true benefits to your residents, and being part of the Rental Exchange is completely free. To make the data sharing process as simple as possible for you, we’re talking to all major software suppliers to develop the tools needed to make it run smoothly.

The Northern Housing Consortium, in conjunction with The Rental Exchange team at Experian, hosted two member engagement events to provide members with the opportunity:

  • To hear from the Rental Exchange team further around the project, and the benefits to tenants and housing organisations
  • To hear from other housing organisations that are already signed up to the project and their learning and experience to date
  • To ask any further questions and have a wider discussion around the project and some of the challenges faced by tenants and organisations