Thirteen customers share views on Decent Homes Standard

A group of Thirteen’s involved customers

The Social Housing White Paper confirmed the Government’s intention to review the Decent Homes Standard, and since then the NHC has been working with officials at DLUHC and other industry bodies as part of the Review Sounding Board.   This work has taken on greater significance since the announcement in February of a ‘levelling up mission’ on housing quality.

Last month, the NHC worked with the policy and research team at Thirteen to update residents on the progress of the review, and seek resident views on the issues emerging so far, including issues such as safety in the home, reducing energy bills, and home security.

The Decent Homes Standard, setting the minimum standard of housing, which every social housing provider must meet, was last updated in July 2006 and NHC members have been clear that they consider the standard to be outdated and in need of a refresh. Many providers – including Thirteen – have developed their own enhanced standard for homes.

Thirteen residents who attended the workshop session were keen to contribute their views on how the Standard should develop.  Residents were keen to see the new standard go ‘beyond the front door’ and consider green spaces and neighbourhood issues. Issues around neighbourhood safety, including CCTV, access points and alleys and walkways were all talking points, as was decarbonisation.

Thirteen’s policy and research lead Sarah Parrott said: “It’s important that our customers have their voice heard, so we welcomed the opportunity to work with the Northern Housing Consortium and gather feedback from our customers.

“We’d like to thank all of our customers who took the time to share their views, which could influence and shape the future of our customers’ homes.”

The NHC’s Brian Robson explained that “The comments that we make to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities are informed by engagement with our members and their customers – so we’re very grateful to the Thirteen residents who took the time to set out their views. This really helps to shape our work.”

The NHC continues to contribute to the Decent Homes Review. NHC members can sign-up for updates on the progress of the Review by emailing

We are always happy to meet with staff or residents to discuss the Review – if this would be of interest to your organisation, do let us know.