The Northern Housing Monitor 2023

The Northern Housing Monitor is an analysis of Northern housing data creating a ‘State of the Region’ report highlighting emerging trends and identifying the developments which have the most significant impacts on people, homes and neighbourhoods in the North.

This years main stories are the impact on private renters of a U-turn on energy standards in the private rented sector. Also, rental affordability in the North, with shortfalls between actual rents and the Local Housing Allowance across all northern rental market areas. The burden of rising fuel poverty is not spread equally across the country. The North’s households now bear 34.4% of the nation’s fuel poverty gap.

Read the national news release here.

Tracy Harrison, Chief Executive of the Northern Housing Consortium, said: “The government’s decision to scrap plans to raise minimum energy efficiency standards will have a detrimental effect on hundreds of thousands of households across the North.

“The Prime Minister’s u-turn overlooks the existing costs of an inefficient energy system, with 751,000 privately rented households in the North living in properties that are performing below band C.

“Once again, tenants living in private rented homes will face higher energy bills and live in poorer conditions, without their landlords being held to account for making improvements to their properties.

“The private rented sector accounts for more than 1 in 6 of the North’s homes, which also puts the UK’s target of reaching net zero by 2050 at risk and simply generates greater pressures in later years.”

The Northern Housing Databank

The Databank is an interactive geographic look-up tool. This tool provides local authority-based look up reports as well as regional information. This will enable NHC members to search on individual local authorities and instantly obtain a standard report.

For NHC members logging onto our member-only ‘MyNHC’ portal, this will provide a further level of local analysis.

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