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About the All-Party Parliamentary Group Housing in the North

The APPG Housing in the North provides a forum for Parliamentarians to discuss and advance housing and related policy across the three northern regions and seeks to ensure the needs and ambitions of northern communities are addressed in national housing policy development.

As Secretariat, the Northern Housing Consortium supports the APPG in facilitating a work programme that has in recent years concentrated on the regeneration of mixed tenure communities, housing an ageing population, and the impact of poor-quality housing on health and wellbeing.

Inquiry 2019/20 – Property standards in the North’s Private Rented Sector (PRS)

It is essential at a time of housing crisis to make sure that homes across all tenures are fit to live in. Most landlords provide stable and safe accommodation for their tenants, but this is not always the case. In parts of the North there are too many places where properties are undesirable, and where poor condition heightens issues of exclusion. Despite attempts at intervention, the quality and decency of PRS in the North still lags-behind other tenures.

Call for Evidence

The APPG is interested in receiving evidence from stakeholders responding to the following areas:

Current PRS in the North

  • What do we know about the current quality and standard of PRS housing stock in the North?
  • Where is poor quality stock most likely to be found and who is most likely to occupy it?
  • What challenges does the current situation present to the occupiers of these properties and to the wider neighbourhood?
  • What incentives or barriers, if any, do landlords face in raising property standards?
  • What is the capacity of local and combined authorities to respond to issues of poor quality?

 Options for change

  • What is the role of a) local authorities b) combined authorities and Metro-Mayors in raising standards? What types of intervention are proving successful at present?
  • What are the barriers are faced by local and/or combined authorities in expanding or replicating existing good practice? How can these be overcome?
  • How could landlords be incentivised to raise the standard of their stock?
  • What is the current and future role of Housing Associations in improving low quality private rented stock?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers for community organisations in gaining improving PRS standards in the North?
  • What options exist for PRS homes to be made fit for the future and energy efficient?

Submit Evidence

The full Call for Evidence, including submission guidelines, can be viewed and downloaded here:

Call for Evidence – APPG Housing in the North Inquiry – Property Standards in the North’s PRS

We are currently analysing your submissions and will keep all respondees up to date with the Inquiry’s progress.


The next meeting of the  APPG Housing in the North will take place Tuesday 10th March, 17.00 – 18.30, in the Grimond Room – Portcullis House.

Here, the APPG will continue its Inquiry into Property Standards in the North’s Private Rented Sector, where guest speakers will formally discuss some of the core themes rising from submitted evidence.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • the role Housing Associations can play in intervening int their local PRS markets;
  • fuel poverty, and the challenegs around enforcing Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards;
  • the impact of poor quality homes on the most vulnerable tenants.

Inquiry Updates: 

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