On-the-Day Briefings

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For further details on any of the NHC’s on-the-day briefings, contact Senior Policy Adviser Karen Brown | 0191 566 1021

To ensure NHC members are able to anticipate, understand, influence, and drive forward the policy agenda impacting on their business concerns and operating environment, we will ensure members are kept fully up to date on any big government announcements.

Our ‘on-the-day briefings’ are sent to members after any key policy proposals or spending announcements. Designed to be a Northern-focused synopsis of the areas of policy affecting the housing sector, we will capture everything we feel is relevant to help you understand and negotiate major government announcements and changes.

You can see all recent ‘on-the-day briefings’ by clicking on the links below. Sign up to receive our ‘on-the-day briefings’ by contacting Karen Brown.