Impact of Universal Credit – Resource Research Deadline Extended

We have learnt through our roundtable events that housing providers and local authorities are increasingly having to take up the slack and are investing increasing resources to ensure the smooth running of the Universal Credit system for the benefits of claimants and to maintain sustainable tenancies.

In order to quantify the extent to which members are having to invest in services to make UC work as efficiently as possible for their customers, the NHC is undertaking a survey of members. To maximise the response rate, the deadline to submit your evidence has been extended to Friday 6th December. Please click here to take part in the survey or feel free to share the link to someone more appropriate in your organisation.

This latest piece of research builds on the publication of our previous research into the Impact of Universal Credit. The NHC are continuing to monitor how our members and their customers are affected by UC and if you would like any more information or any queries regarding this research please contact Barry Turnbull, Business Intelligence Officer at