NHC bursary scheme awards 12 bursaries to 7 of their member organisations

The Unlocking Success Bursary Scheme, funded through the Northern Housing Consortium Charitable Trust, awards bursaries of £500 to help tenants develop learning and skills to support future employment.

From April to June 2021, we had a total of 18 applications from 7 of our member organisations. We are delighted to award 12 bursaries to successful applicants. Below are a few examples of how the bursary will be used.

Francesa is a Habinteg tenant and has been a carer for her mother for several years. Despite this she  has still managed to gain a place at university to study Child Nursing. The bursary award will be used to help with her tuition fees, books, and course materials.


Lewis is a tenant from Thirteen Group and will use the bursary to help him fund a career ambition of becoming a telecommunications engineer. The bursary grant will be used to pay for certain tickets and help him to achieve this ambition.


Kate is a tenant from Thirteen Group and will use her bursary to help fund the rest of her studies in Midwifery. Kate has also become a chair for the midwifery society board, and she also volunteers for an organisation that helps with the bereavement of children.


Paul is a tenant from Thirteen who is supporting his disabled wife and stepdaughter. He wanted to attend a course in barbering and cutthroat shaving while also having a part-time job. He would use the bursary to buy additional barbering tools. Paul is hoping that at the end of the course he will be self-employed. In his own words “Everyone will always need a haircut”.


Sarah is a tenant from Gateshead Council who will use the bursary to help pay for a degree in Criminology & Psychology. She wants to use this degree to help people, pursuing a career as a support worker or police officer and in turn will help her support herself and her 2 small children.

Congratulations to this year’s successful applicants! Applications for 2021 are now closed, further details to follow in the coming months.