National Planning Policy Framework

The Government published the revision to the National Planning Policy Framework

(NPPF) in March and this was subject to consultation which ended recently.

Much of the content of the revised document was based on the outcome of previous consultations which the NHC has already commented on and we have responded to the detailed questions on the new revisions.

We would particularly like to emphasise the importance of the planning proposals to some of our current priorities in the Northern regions. The NHC is supportive of an approach to planning that helps to facilitate new homes and great places but it is important to recognised that many local areas in the North are focusing on the quality of the existing housing stock, with the use of developer contributions being directed to improving and revitalising neighbourhoods where poor housing is holding back economic inclusion.

The consultation contains many positive revisions intended to alleviate the national shortage of homes.  The proposals to simplify and improve the plan making process so that it is quicker and more transparent, providing the land we need for new homes whilst ensuring accountability are all welcome.   Ultimately, the effectiveness of the measures proposed varies and a step-change may depend upon an increase in investment and capacity in local planning authorities.

We look forward to continued dialogue with Government about ways to ensure the quantity and quality of homes and places that we all acknowledge are needed.

The NHC response to the consultation can be found here.