Consortium Procurement

“Taking away the complexity of procurement with our open, transparent and professional service.”

How we work for you

Here at Consortium Procurement we are proud of our reputation amongst our membership as being friendly, approachable, professional, competent and easy to work with.

We pride ourselves on supporting our members throughout the procurement process by:

  • Helping to compile bespoke requirements into clear and comprehensive tender documents
  • Co-ordinating the further competition process
  • Facilitating services at evaluation stage
  • Assisting with implementation – mobilisation and contract award

We are here to help every step of the way, and available for advice any time.

Benefits of using our frameworks

Using established framework solutions can help you to make substantial savings by removing the need to run your own independent EU tender (via OJEU). Our procurement solutions are highly competitive, compliant and draw on the buying power of our combined membership to achieve greater discounts. Frameworks are also let under the European Union Procurement Directive, and accessible to any current or future NHC member organisation.

Consortium Procurement House No StrapOur frameworks and solutions offer:

  • Procurement solutions to meet social housing sector needs
  • Member-lead framework development
  • Easy to access routes to market
  • Compliant frameworks
  • Efficiency savings
  • Expert procurement advice
  • Robust support throughout
  • Collaboration flexibility
  • Innovative solutions
  • Supportive approach to further competition
  • Ability to meet your bespoke requirements
  • A fair and transparent approach to procurement
  • High levels of member satisfaction

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Our Account Executives are available to come and meet with you, wherever you are in the UK. For any further information or to talk about a framework you are interested in, please contact us on 0191 566 1000 (Option 3) or complete the form.