NHC Hosts Gavin Barwell White Paper Q&A

The Housing and Planning Minister, Gavin Barwell, visited Gateshead on Thursday, February 23rd as part of a Housing White Paper Q&A Roadshow. The NHC hosted the Gateshead stop of the nine-location tour where Mr Barwell met with NHC members, developers, councillors and other experts to discuss efforts to ‘fix the broken housing market’.

Speaking to a packed audience  at The Sage, the Minister highlighted the four key aspects of the White Paper and specifically referenced the importance of the work of the NHC Commission for Housing in the North, speaking repeatedly about the challenge of setting national policy for diverse regional housing markets and the importance of a place-based approach.

Representatives from a broad range of organisations then questioned Mr Barwell on issues from the continuing challenge of regeneration, to streamlining planning, to rent certainty after 2020.

The issue of land banking came up in several questions and the Minister reiterated the White Paper’s commitment to not only publish registers of who owned land but also of what options were held on land.

One of the major recurring topics was the proposed Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cap and its impact on supported housing and high rise properties in particular. Attendees expressed concern that the LHA cap was too blunt an instrument to use when rates vary so hugely across the country. The Minister acknowledged that the very term ‘supported housing’ actually covers a broad range of housing offers and  indicated that supported housing providers potentially “hold the whip hand” on the issue as the Minister wants them to build and will thus be open to their suggestions for change.

One delegate brought up the question of how the industrial strategy links with the White Paper, adding that there are increasing numbers of businesses wishing to relocate to their local area that saw the available housing offer as an obstacle. Mr Barwell was keen to encourage creativity in bids from local authorities noting that the Government has vast powers to alter or suspend planning obligations which could boost housing supply.

The Minster also answered questions on housing density and the Nationally Described Space Standard, particularly concerns from some in the room that it would see a return to cramped homes. The Minister responded that the reason the Government were looking at the National Described Space Standard was to boost home ownership among those – especially in London or other large urban areas – who do not require a great deal of space. He reiterated that there would be ‘no race to the bottom’ on space standards and noted the work undertaken by Pocket Living in London around smaller, more affordable apartments for first time buyers.

Commenting on the roadshow, Mr Barwell said “We’ve set out lasting reforms that will get more of the right homes built in the right places.  But the challenge of increasing supply cannot be met by government alone. That’s why I’m visiting different parts of the country, listening to views from experts across the housing industry and discussing how we can work together to fix our broken housing market.”

PRESS RELEASE: NHC Releases On-the-Day Housing White Paper Briefing

The 2017 Housing White Paper

Today saw the publication of the long awaited, much trailed Housing White Paper.  Announced by Sajid Javid, Secretary of State as

ambitious proposals to help fix the housing market so that more ordinary working people from across the country can have the security of a decent place to live

Read the NHC’s full on-the-day White Paper briefing here.

The White Paper acknowledges the scale of the housing crisis facing the country and recognises the fact that governments of all persuasions have not been able to sufficiently ramp up house building to meet with the backlog of under supply and projected future need. The Government’s White Paper aims to change this but the discussions in advance were focused on whether the proposals set out today are the catalyst needed or is the housing industry the proverbial slow turning oil tanker?

The White Paper sets out a series of recommendations addressing common approaches to planning for housing need, barriers in the planning process, support for Local Authorities in speeding up delivery of new homes, and the need to bring new entrants to the market place. Underneath the headlines there is a significant amount of detailed policy proposals that the Northern Housing Consortium welcomes.

The White Paper also rebalances policy focus away from home ownership and acknowledges the need to ensure the rental market is operating efficiently providing good quality secure accommodation for those who choose to rent.

The NHC is pleased that we have this Housing White Paper. It is a mature acknowledgement of the benefits that a shared approach to policy development can bring. We will work with the Government and our members to support this White Paper and work collaboratively to help refine and improve where we believe policy initiatives need further consideration.

The NHC has worked with members and sector experts to deliver the Commission for Housing in the North and we are pleased that the White Paper reinforces messages from the Commission such as consideration of wider tenure issues, the need to ensure quality across the rental sector, and capacity support for local authorities to ensure the right housing is delivered in the right place. The White Paper is not unsurprisingly light on issues around regeneration but we call upon the Government to ensure the Northern Powerhouse Strategy – released alongside the Autumn Statement – picks up this mantle to ensure that housing and regeneration are recognised as tools to support the economic renaissance of the North.

The NHC looks forward to working with members and government on our detailed response to the White Paper and more details on our forthcoming member engagement roundtables are available on our website www.northern-consortium.org.uk


For further information please contact Member Engagement Manager, Callum Smith, on 0191 566 1029 or email callum.smith@northern-consortium.org.uk