Housing’s role in the North’s economic and social recovery

What role should housing play in the North’s economic and social recovery from Covid-19?  Over the last month, the NHC has worked with our members and GC Consulting to think through the economic and social impacts of Covid-19 on the North of England, and consider the ways housing can contribute to the North’s recovery, interact with Government’s ‘levelling-up’ agenda, and build for the future.

Through discussions with our member-led board, an interactive workshop with a cross-section of our membership, and a webinar open to all members, we have built a shared understanding of the likely economic outlook; and the implications for housing in the North and the communities we serve.   We’ve identified some key ways that housing could contribute to the North’s economic and social recovery, which we intend to develop into a clear suite of offers and asks.

A consultation document was sent to lead contacts at each NHC member on Friday 22nd May.  This document collates the discussions we have had with members to date and invites your views on potential recovery options.  If you have not received the consultation document and would like to contribute views, please contact brian.robson@northern-consortium.org.uk

We are inviting comments until Friday June 5th, after which we will incorporate your views, and further analysis, into propositions we will share with Government and the North’s political leaders. We are grateful to members for their support to date, and look forward to supporting you as the North moves into the recovery phase of this crisis.