Mediaworks Goes Global With Record-Breaking Short Course

Award-winning digital agency Mediaworks and York St John University have received over 2,500 applications from across the world in just 10 days for their Virtual Digital Marketing short course.

At the beginning of May, Mediaworks and York St John University agreed to produce and deliver a shortened introductory version of their MSc course.

With businesses closed and social distancing a reality for the foreseeable future, both organisations agreed that one of the keys to an economic bounce-back would be the ability for businesses to diversify and deliver their products and services through an online presence.

The aim of the course was to give people the basic skills and understanding of digital marketing and the value of a successful online presence.

Brett Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer at Mediaworks, said: “This course was designed for businesses, professionals, graduates, marketers, and workers from all backgrounds who had been affected by the recent pandemic. As lockdown restrictions begin to lift and we return to operating in what has been labelled as the new normal, it’s key that we give people the skills to deliver products and services across both online and offline channels. Those skills will give people the ability to overcome the challenges that social distancing presents so that we are prepared to continue to operate and grow our businesses in the face of any future disruption.

“The attraction of the course across all channels has been above and beyond what we expected. We received applications from a wide range of people, from Managing Directors, furloughed workers, students, and people looking to re-skill. Following traction from our social media channels we were also pleased to see interest from as far afield as Denver, Melbourne, and Singapore.”

Bob Gammie, Dean of the York Business School, said: “We are blown away with the volume of applicants we have received for this short course. Over 2,500 learners applying in 10 days is a record number. Working collaboratively with a marketing agency such as Mediaworks has shown the power of reach you can achieve in such a short time with the right marketing, high quality learning, and innovative delivery models that combine to provide open and meaningful learning experiences.”

With the overwhelming success of the digital marketing short course, Mediaworks and York St John University will be hosting further short courses over the next 12 months.

More information about the short course and MSc can be found at the official website.