Lockdown and housing conditions : new research project

The NHC is delighted to be working in partnership with the University of Huddersfield on a new research project which will explore the impact of Northerner’s homes on their experience of lockdown. This will include issues like the standard and quality of homes, overcrowding and access to outdoor space.

The research team will undertake interviews with residents, and professionals working in agencies across the North of England.  At present, we want to speak to private renters and owner-occupiers, with an initial focus in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.


There are two ways we would welcome support from NHC members:

Firstly, in helping us access potential suitable residents who may be willing to participate in an interview, which should take around 45 minutes.  This will take place at a mutually agreeable time either over the phone or via video call. All information collected during the course of the research will be kept strictly confidential. You can help us access residents by sharing news about the study and asking residents to fill in the online form at http://hud.ac/g2i

Secondly, the research team are looking to speak to professionals who interact with or support residents in lower quality PRS or owner-occupied housing.  This might include those working for local councils or people in other agencies councils work with.  These interviews should take around 45 minutes via phone or video call. Like the resident interviews, all information collected during the course of the research will be kept strictly confidential, and any information about you which leaves the University will have your name, and any other personal details, removed so that you cannot be recognised. If you are happy to support us or would like to discuss this further, then please contact Prof. Phil Brown :  P.A.Brown@hud.ac.uk

This project forms part of the NHC’s work to build an evidence base on the issues that matter for housing in the North. The research team will draw on both sets of conversations to prepare a report to make the case for change. The NHC will use the findings as part of our efforts to make housing policy work for the North. We realise this is an incredibly busy time for everyone, but any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.