Managing the Mental Wellbeing of your Team

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Date:7 February 2019
Time:09:30 - 16:30
Whistler Drive
West Yorkshire
WF10 5HX
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As business leaders we have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and our colleagues is ever present in our plans, so we have designed some courses to support you to make mental health something continually considered while reducing the stigma of mental illness, enabling you to confidently and effectively give support those who need it.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anyone that manages a team from 1 to 100s

Course Aims:

  • To enable managers and leaders to have an awareness of Mental health and understand the importance of looking after the mental health of themselves and their team members at work. The course will also give insight into mental illness, the impact within business and how to successfully identify  signs of mental illness within individuals.
  • To learn what to do to look after their teams mental health and how to manage mental illness effectively, understand their impact on the mental health of their team and how to effectively build team resilience.
  • Each delegate will leave the session with some tasks to complete within their team with the aim of enabling conversation about mental health and encourage openness while creating a workable plan as a collective

The Course will cover:

  • The impact of Mental illness at work
  • What is Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • Looking at the stigma of mental illness and how this affects how we talk about it.
  • Stress vulnerability model and how we can apply this to ourselves and within business
  • Mental Illness at work – looking in detail at the most common
  • Potential workplace triggers which may lead to mental illness
  • Having great conversations – creating trust and openness with team members
  • What to do when a team members needs support
  • How we create our mindset and how this drives our behaviour
  • Emotional Intelligence and its importance as a leader
  • Team and individual resilience
  • Creating a plan for mental wellbeing within your team

By the End of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Have a clear idea of the potential impact of mental illness at work
  • Understand the importance of managing the mental health of themselves and their team
  • Have a clear plan to encourage the improvement and maintenance of mental wellbeing within their team members
  • Be able to identify potential situations/ triggers which may lead to mental illness within individuals and where possible mitigate against these situations/ triggers
  • Be able to have conversations with team members about mental health and mental illness when necessary
  • Be aware of the key aspects of building individual and team resilience to maximise performance throughout business pressured times
  • Understand their impact in the mental wellbeing of their team members
  • Create a working team plan to maximise mental wellbeing at work

Our Trainers

Glynis Osborne, Senior Development Consultant and founder, Thinking Success UK

With a background in psychology, and a specialist interest in how mindset affects behaviour, Glynis is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) having studied the practice for over ten years.  Building a successful career as a Trainer and Performance Coach, she has studied and worked with Dr Richard Bandler – the co-creator of NLP and an innovator within the field – and John La Valle who has been instrumental in brining NLP practices into the corporate world.

Glynis believes that mental health and wellness is something we all should be aware of, no matter what kind of role we have or what type of interaction we are having. Understanding how to take care of mental health is key to better relationships, getting more from teams of individuals and leading a healthy happy life.

 Nicky McGee, Mental Health Nurse and Crisis Clinician

Nicky McGee holds professional qualifications in business and nursing, currently operating as a registered Mental Health Nurse in a specialist frontline service within secondary mental health services.  Prior to this, Nicky has supported vulnerable people in his roles such as Housing Benefits Assessor, Independent Living Fund Officer, Welfare Rights Officer, Care Manager, and Personal Budgets Officer. Expanding an organisations understanding of mental health through delivering bespoke training packages has been a constant and integral aspect of his work. Nicky has a genuine passion to encourage others to utilise their strengths, achieve personal and professional growth, focusing on self-awareness and the importance of good physical and mental health for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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