If you would like to be kept informed of any future roundtables, please contact Satty Rai.

Member roundtables

NHC host a number of roundtable events for our members. These roundtables enable members to access government officials and government ministers in a formal setting. Roundtables are used as a way of ensuring that members are involved in policy development by government departments from an early stage.

Quarterly Programmed Roundtables

Homes and Communities Agency

NHC representatives attend the HCA’s Advisory Panel in London which is held with a number of interested parties such as other housing bodies, solicitors and accountants. This Advisory Panel enables the HCA to discuss future policy considerations and current thinking in a Chatham House style environment.

NHC also run a bilateral meeting with the HCA and members on a quarterly basis in Manchester. This meeting is designed to bring members close to the regulatory directorate of the HCA to enable discussions to be held in an open and honest environment with representatives of the HCA regarding the impact of their regulatory policy on members. The meeting also allows the HCA to discuss the possible impact of future regulatory changes on member’s organisations in advance of any changes being implemented. If you would like more information regarding this meeting or would like to know how you can get involved, please contact

Department for Communities and Local Government

NHC representatives attend the DCLG’s Advisory Group in London quarterly. This group includes interested parties from other housing bodies and organisations linked to the housing sector. The group enables the DCLG to discuss how housing plays a wider role in their policy agenda and to explore the potential for housing to participate more fully or to look at the impact of their policies on the housing sector.

One-off Roundtables

NHC has held a number of special roundtables with members and government officials and other agencies which have enabled members to directly input into evidence gathering by government officials in advance of policy development. Recent roundtables include:

  • Elphicke and House Review
  • DWP Work Programme