The continuing recession and rising unemployment are pushing a growing number of households into financial difficulties.

In response to this, the NHC has launched a website which is designed to enable tenants to buy the essential things they need at massively discounted prices AND with access to socially responsible finance through credit unions and other socially responsible finance organisations such as CDFI’s.

Homekind are continually negotiating amazing deals and these are being added every week to the existing offers already on the site.

There are a range of payment options to suit, whether the user has a bank account or not. You can pay with a debit card, use cash, or can access low-interest, affordable finance through credit unions.

Homekind offers a credible, responsible alternative to high street weekly payment stores and doorstep lenders. With Homekind, tenants can not only get a huge discount on the products they want, but can get low cost finance too.  It’s about helping people to make their money go further – and making smarter buys.


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