First APPG meeting of the new Parliament announced

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Housing in the North will meet on Wednesday, 18th October 2017 for the first time in the new Parliament.

The APPG remains a vital part of the NHC’s work to represent member’s views at the highest levels of Parliament and government. As Secretariat to the group, the NHC uses the APPG to raise issues of concern and initiate debate. Most recently, the group has been key in promoting and gaining support for the findings of our Commission for Housing in the North which, through close consultation with our members and industry leaders, put forward recommendations on what is needed to address the housing challenges faced in the Northern regions.

The APPG for Housing in the North was established as a forum for parliamentarians to look closely at the impact of housing policy in the North and to set an agenda that addresses the needs and ambitions of our communities. As members will know, the challenges faced in the North require a more nuanced response to the housing crisis which has until recently centred on building more homes. Increasing supply is one part, but our region requires a greater balance between building homes and revitalising the assets we already have.

With this in mind, the theme for this meeting is regeneration. How can we reconnect the areas that have fallen behind to the growing economic opportunities that exist in surrounding towns and cities? Moderated by the APPG’s Chair-Designate Ian Mearns MP, a range of guest speakers will discuss the transformative projects they have been involved in across the North East, North West, and Yorkshire and Humber. Together, the group will continue the work being done to underline just why regeneration is important to the North and understand how those best placed to deliver this change can be brought together to do so.

The next meeting of the APPG for Housing in the North will take place Wednesday 18th October 2017.  Meeting Notes will be published on the NHC website’s dedicated page or look out for our APPG Recap in a future edition of the eZine.