NHC meets new Housing Minister

Northern Housing Consortium chief executive, Tracy Harrison, and Executive Director (Policy & Public Affairs), Brian Robson, met new Housing Minister, Rachel Maclean MP, in Westminster yesterday to brief her on some of the key issues facing the sector in the North – and the things you our members tell us. We were pleased to brief the Minister on the role NHC members play in delivering better homes and places across the North and discuss how we can work together to deliver shared priorities on housing, levelling-up and net zero.

Tracy said:

“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the new Housing Minister early on and share some of the great work being done by our members. We were pleased the Minister was keen to engage and understand the key challenges many of our members are concerned about. We also discussed the wider role NHC members play in supporting vulnerable people in local communities, which is often complex. It was good to have time to touch on this important but often unseen part of members’ work. I hope this will be an initial first meeting with the Minister and that we’ll continue to have positive discussions over the coming months.”

Brian added:

“It was good to see that the Minister understood the policy issues our members often raise with us and which we’ve been focusing on. From the Local Housing Allowance, through to energy efficiency and the need for regeneration, we had a wide-ranging discussion which I hope is the first of many.”

Rachel Maclean was appointed as part of the Prime Minister’s reshuffle and restructure of Government – read more here.