NHC Members on the Ground to Level Up – Round Up

With the sector convening in Manchester for Housing 2023, politicians of all stripes will be discussing their vision for communities thriving on their own terms. Levelling Up may well get a mention, and almost certainly there will be a discussion of pride, and how policy makers can build upon residents’ already-existing fondness for their areas, instilling a renewed sense of working with and for communities, empowering people to take an active role in their neighbourhoods.

Here at the Northern Housing Consortium, June has seen momentum gather around our Rebalancing theme, work undertaken as part of our priority underlining to current and future Governments the importance of NHC members to reducing local and regional inequality and advocating for the policy and resources necessary to make rebalancing a reality for people and places across the North.

Rebalancing: Better Places – Recording and Slides Available

Rebalancing: Better Places saw around 50 attendees come together to discuss the work of NHC members as anchor institutions in their communities.

We heard from Homes England on their new Strategy, and the return of a ‘Housing and Regeneration Agency’. Sunderland City Council joined us to discuss Levelling Up in practice in the form of Riverside Sunderland, one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging regeneration projects in the United Kingdom. A panel of NHC members including Blackpool Coastal Housing, Your Homes Newcastle, and Karbon Homes, discussed their work on resilience and social mobility, innovative work cutting across employment, health and wellbeing. And finally Public Practice and Homes England discussed the enduring challenge of capacity and capability in the public sector, and the support the sector needs to build on the good work already taking place.

A recording of the session and slides can be found below.

Presentation slides

Pride in Place at the Local Level: How Do NHC Members Contribute

Last month we announced the launch of Pride in Place, an innovative project engaging directly with residents to explore the relationship between their home, how they feel about their neighbourhoods, and the potential for collaboration between communities and all stakeholders to make a tangible improvement to pride at the neighbourhood level.

Across June and July, resident workshops will be held across the North, hosted by our partner members Blackpool Coastal Housing, Karbon Homes, Livv Housing Group, MSV Housing Group, and Yorkshire Housing.

Check back in future editions of Member News to hear more about what was said and our plans for the research. All updates will also feature on our dedicated Rebalancing Webpage HERE.