NHC responds to Labour’s National Policy Forum consultation 

The Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) has responded to the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum (NPF) consultation on how a potential future Labour government can create a “fairer, greener and more dynamic Britain”.  

Of the six policy commissions, under the consultation, we submitted a response to four: A green and digital future; Better jobs and better work; Public services that work from the start; and A future where families come first.  

Included in the submission are the NHC’s key asks of Labour policy, which include:  

  1. Make a manifesto commitment to a minimum of a £6bn per year programme of energy efficiency upgrades, making homes warmer, cheaper to heat and clean energy-ready.  
  2. Commit to an Affordable Homes Programme which will meet the independently-assessed need for new genuinely affordable homes across England.  
  3. Invest £3.8bn to remediate all the North’s brownfield land over the course of two Parliaments, to unlock 310,000 homes.  

You can read our full response on our website.  

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to the policy making of all parties and would be happy to engage further. If you’d like to get in touch please contact Joanne Wilson, Head of Policy, joanne.wilson@northern-consortium.org.uk