Over thirty years of friendship at the NHC for Lynda

When Executive Assistant Lynda Redshaw joined the Northern Consortium Do the Bartman from the Simpsons was topping the charts and John Major had been Prime Minister for a matter of months. She joined as a part time secretary thirty-three years ago and was one of only three people who worked for the organisation.

Lynda has seen the NHC transform into what it is today and is a fountain of knowledge, she’s the ‘go to’ person if there’s something you’re not sure about!

Where did you start your career?

I started work at Lumley Castle working in the office and taking banquet bookings. I then went to the English Industrial Estates Partnership (now Homes England) followed by working at Chester Le Street District Council where I was a shorthand typist and secretary for the Chief Technical Officer. It wasn’t until I was at NHC that I started using a computer rather than a typewriter!

What was NHC like when you started?

It was a lot smaller than it is today, there were only three of us. Now the organisation is so much bigger and higher profile. When I joined the focus was mainly on group meetings, and we were just starting to branch out into training and had a small procurement offering.

What have been your career highlights at NHC?

I’ve been involved with so many different projects, I used to love organising the Hitex Housing and IT exhibition. It was really useful for members to come along and evaluate different software companies. I’ve become an expert in coordinating office moves, I’ve done it six times! I also love organising the bursary lunch – it’s aways a special occasion and a real highlight each year for me.

What’s kept you at the NHC?

I’ve made lifelong, special friends at the NHC, and have shared so much laughter. I’ve been a mother figure to the younger people in the office and have been known as ‘Work Mum’ (or the office dragon for my gatekeeping skills!).

NHC is a lovely company to work for and support from work friends has really kept me going during some tough times. This especially the case now I’m a carer for my husband.

I’ve celebrated my 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays at the NHC and am looking forward to celebrating my 70th here!