The NHC responds to the Homes England Public Bodies Review

The government has published the Homes England Public Bodies Review.

Our Chief Executive Tracy Harrison welcomed the report.

She said:

“We’re pleased to see the importance of Homes England’s role in both place-based regeneration and supporting local places deliver more, better homes, reflected throughout the Public Bodies Review. This was something both ourselves and many of our members stressed throughout the process.

“In particular we are delighted to see recommendations that will help achieve a real step-change in regeneration across the North such as providing longer-term funding for regeneration projects and affordable housing supply, and embedding changes to how value-for-money is measured in order to better support regeneration. We are also pleased to see the Review set out so clearly the impact the changing operating environment for social housing providers has had on development, and the need for DESNZ and Homes England to work closer together to support decarbonising the existing social housing stock. We hope DLUHC press on with implementing the review as quickly as possible.”