Voids and Lettings

Letting properties is at the cornerstone of social housing landlord business.

It is important that organisations let properties which

  • Are let as quickly as possible
  • Are to a standard expected by customers
  • Create sustainable tenancies, with support in place where required.

NHC has many years’ experience in this area, with our Business Improvement Services team directly helping members reduce relet time and void loss, and to organise the voids process to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.


The repairs service is used by more of your tenants than any other, with in excess of 80% of requests made to housing organisations being related to repairs. Therefore, it is important to get things right for tenants. We can help you:

  • Improve your first-time fix rate
  • Analyse request made into your organisation
  • Eliminate waste from the process (including logistics and materials provision)
  • Improve tenant satisfaction

For either of these services, we can offer a free diagnostic day, where we will look at how the service operates and provide you with a summary of our findings. From there we can work with you on further analysis and improvements as you require. Typically, a review would include:

  • Forensic check and analysis of data
  • Review of processes and flow
  • Working on site with staff
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • KPI review
  • Process workshops & development
  • Full report and action/implementation plan

If you are interested, please contact Nigel Johnston, our head of Business Improvement on 07843 356445