#OurNorth Net Zero sample social posts


Suggested sample tweets to be used with the Campaign Partner image: 

  • We are backing a Net Zero North with @NHC #OurNorth Net Zero 
  • Councils across the North have declared climate emergencies. Housing can create jobs and cut emissions – that’s why we’re backing #OurNorth Net Zero with @NHC 
  • Housing associations and ALMOs have made ambitious commitments to decarbonise their homes. We are supporting this through #OurNorth Net Zero with @NHC 
  • Housing accounts for a quarter of the North’s carbon emissions. We want to lower that. #OurNorth Net Zero 
  • Decarbonisation of the North’s housing stock can create 1,000s of jobs. Just one of the reasons we’re supporting #OurNorth Net Zero 

You could also use a quote about #OurNorth Net Zero and why your organisation is backing it from a senior staff member and there will be plenty of content for you to retweet and comment on from the Northern Housing Consortium Twitter account. 



Suggested LinkedIn posts to be used alongside the Campaign Partner image: 

Decarbonisation of the North’s Housing Stock could create 20,000 jobs at pace. Just one of the reasons we’re backing the #OurNorth Net Zero campaign with the Northern Housing Consortium 

#Housing #Decarbonisation #NetZero #Jobs #Employment 

 25% of the North’s carbon emissions come from housing. Councils have declared a climate emergency and Housing Associations and ALMOs have made ambitious plans to decarbonise their homes. We are supporting the NHC’s research and engagement to make this a reality through the #OurNorth Net Zero campaign. 

#climateemergency #climatechange #climateemergency #decarbonisation #netzero #housing 

 We’re very proud to be Campaign Partners of #OurNorth Net Zero which will help the North’s housing providers tackle the climate crisis through a mix of research and engagement, alongside influencing work with key politicians and policy makers. 

#climateemergency #climatechange #climateemergency #decarbonisation #netzero #housing 

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