the number of ‘troubled families’ in the three Northern regions


of 16-18 year-olds in the North are not in education, employment, or training (NEET)


the average Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index rank in the North, compared to 15,789 for all of England

Housing has a huge impact on children and young people’s lives. It can affect health, education, emotional well-being, future job prospects, and financial well-being. The early years of childhood are a priority for Government as this is what shapes childhood, going into youth and young adulthood.

  • More than one million children live in overcrowded housing
  • 3.6 million children in the United Kingdom live in poverty after their housing costs have been paid
  • Over half of children living in poverty live in working families
  • 20% 16-24 year olds are unemployed

Children and young people need to be recognised for the valuable contribution they make to society, not only now but the future too. There is wide concern around the impact spending cuts and Welfare Reform changes will have on vulnerable people, including children and young people. There is a key role for housing providers to play in ensuring some of this impact is mitigated through engaging with early years services, early intervention, identifying those most vulnerable, engaging with young people and their families, providing an opportunity to influence and shape local services, and inspiring them to reach their potential, to name a few.

We are working to support our members to provide opportunities for the children and young people in their communities. Work includes research to understand the scale of the challenge, sharing of good practice and challenges and informing members of policy developments.