The value of devolution deals in the North announced so far.


Inhabitants of Northern England that will benefit.


“Let the devolution revolution begin”

George OsborneChancellor of the Exchequer, October 2015

Devolution represents a new and exciting agenda of powers and responsibilities available to combined authorities particularly on housing, employment and skills, transport, local & regional growth and planning. Since 2010, a strong precedent has been established in favour of devolution and decentralisation to the UK’s cities and regions and it is an area of policy that enjoys widespread support.

Devolution is not an end in itself but a means to achieve improved outcomes and the potential prize is well worth the effort:

  • economic growth and a rebalancing of the economy:
  • public service reform delivering better value
  • increased public contribution and accountability for the delivery of enhanced local services

Delivering this potential requires a two-way process. Central government need to ‘let go’ and effective collaboration and working partnerships need to be established at a local level. Housing providers are crucial the success of the devolution agenda and delivering the economic growth needed in the north of England. While the sector is working to increase its investment capacity, the Northern Housing Consortium is supporting its members by:

  • monitoring the policy developments,
  • regularly meeting with policy makers,
  • working with local combined authority & city region groups to help plans take shape
Powers Devolved So Far, October 2015
Housing Investment FundMayoral Development CorporationLand CommissionPlanning & Development Frameworks
Greater ManchesterYes, £300m over 10 yearsYes, with compulsory purchase powersYesYes
North East Combined AuthorityYes, but not housing specificYes, with compulsory purchase powersYesYes
Liverpool City RegionYes, but not housing specificYes, with compulsory purchase powersYesYes
Tees Valley Combined AuthorityYes, but not housing specific
Sheffield City RegionYes, but not housing specificNoNoNo