7th Annual National Tenant Panels Conference round-up

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In November 2017, the Northern Housing Consortium (NHC) welcomed more than 100 delegates to our 7th Annual National Tenant Panels Conference Focusing on the voice of our customers — Innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in partnership with Yvonne Davies at Tenant Advisor. The event was chaired by Tom Miskell, Chair of the NHC and Pendleton Together. Among lots of discussion and debate we heard speakers discussing a range of themes including:  scrutiny, health and safety, tenant voice, digital engagement, strategy and youth aspiration.

Delegates were involved in an interactive session focusing on Health and Safety matters asking the questions:

  1. How can you help your landlord to make tenants feel safe(r)?
  2. How can you support your landlord to communicate expectations of tenants on safety?
  3. What information do you need from your landlord about safety in your home/estate/neighbourhood?
  4. What are your top tips on sharing your concerns, ideas and solutions with your landlord?

Various themes emerged from this session. Delegates discussed taking more of a strategic approach to tenant engagement by having closer links with Fire and Safety Officers and being involved in risk assessments. There was a focus on observation, including knowing how to report hazards and providing training for resident representatives. Delegates suggested landlords provide communication in formats which are easier to digest, utilising digital channels and participating in more campaigns such as gas safety. Concerns were raised about hoarding and how to identify and help people involved. There was also a real focus on tailoring actions around where people live and the issues present in their community.

The event closed with a session titled Health and Safety Matters — Supporting Tenant Assurance where speakers from Liverpool Mutual Homes, Northwards and the Centre for Public Scrutiny shared their experiences and answered questions from the floor.

For further information on what was discussed in the interactive sessions you can see the notes on the Tenant Advisor website.