COMPAREX Guest Blog – Building modern workplaces for modern housing providers.  

The way we work has changed drastically in recent years. All organisations, regardless of sector, are now dependent on technology to some degree – unsurprising, given how much digital technologies have impacted our lives both in and out of work. Housing providers in particular are among those beginning to employ digital transformation strategies, looking to both increase their organisation’s agility and also meet the evolving needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

One survey from IWG found 70 per cent of employees work at least one day a week from a remote location; there is also increasing demand from workers for more access to mobile devices (including personal devices), and to platforms that promote greater collaboration. This provides an interesting conundrum for housing providers – while it is positive that employees want to connect with each other, how do you give them the tools they need to be productive whilst also remaining secure?

Creating a collaborative environment

Transforming the workplace to somewhere more digitally engaging is not just a nice to have, but it is a must have; utilising current technology is a factor when it comes to employee retention and attraction, as well as critical to employee productivity. As research from Citrix shows, 80 per cent of workers polled acknowledged the positive effect access to technology can have on helping them to work more efficiently.

With technology continuing to develop, application-driven experiences are now a daily part of people’s lives. Workers today are so used to the likes of Facebook and Google, which have created online environments full of applications, they want their workplaces to mirror this style. This has led to housing providers attempting to replicate this approach through purpose-built workplace applications that provide a secure and unified platform.

Workspace applications are designed to be completely user-friendly whilst also minimising the management burden on stretched IT teams. There are many benefits to application-based working in the housing sector, especially where the application can be contextualised to each user. Being able to instantly access web apps, files, and services from an all-in-one interface provides employees with the familiarity they crave and helps them remain productive. Additionally, it gives housing providers peace of mind by centralising access and control, whilst also ensuring security.

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