NHC supporter Locata launches two new enhancements

Locata has launched two new enhancements designed to make the management of housing applicants even more efficient and effective.

Both enhancements were flagged up and discussed at the Virtual National Users Group in July and are now available to order.

Document Uploads

The document upload enhancement is already being used by several schemes across the country and is now available to all Locata customers.

The enhancement allows applicants to upload supporting documents at any time through the scheme’s public website. This means the documents can be uploaded on applicant’s personal laptops and PCs as well as any mobile devices using the public site’s Web App.

Online application form changes for applicants are configurable with warning messages and are uploaded directly to the back office to await verification.

All the documents submitted by an applicant appear as one journal entry and the officer can easily see what the document is and which household member it belongs to.

Proof of ID

Locata is working with identity document verification experts TrustID (https://www.trustid.co.uk/), to deliver an enhancement that allows councils to check the validity of photo ID.

Officers would use the Proof of ID enhancement at the point of offer when they want to validate a customer.  A message would appear saying that photo ID must be submitted.

Once the photo ID document has been submitted, a message will be returned saying that the ID was either valid or not. Officers will also have access to a “show details” button that will open up a report of the ID used.

To find out more, please contact Locata on info@locata.org.uk

A Document Validation Report from TrustID showing whether the ID submitted was valid or not