The Self Assessment Retrofit Checklist

“This toolkit is an important document, long overdue, and will, hopefully, be taken up across the sector”

Steve Mackenzie, Tenant Juror

The Self Assessment Retrofit Checklist is a practical guide for housing professionals to support putting residents at the heart of the retrofit journey. It is part of the NHC’s commitment to actioning the recommendations of the Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury. It is a simple way to help organisations ensure sustainability programmes meet the needs of tenants and communities. It offers real life examples of how recommendations from the Jury can be put into practice. Themes include initial contact, surveys, delivery, installation, protecting the vulnerable and futureproofing.

The Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury produced a set of recommendations to the sector on how to work together to tackle climate change in our homes and neighbourhoods. The Checklist takes each of those recommendations and looks at how it can be applied practically to your retrofit project, it includes good practice examples from housing providers, and handy hints and tips. You can also use it as a performance indicator to measure how much progress you have made on that particular recommendation.

Over half the North’s homes – almost 4 million – will require energy efficiency upgrades within the next 10 years. These upgrades are needed to get homes to the key Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) C energy efficiency benchmark, making them clean energy ready. But EPC C is just a first step to delivering net zero.

It’s clear – the UK can’t meet its net zero target without upgrading the North’s existing homes. But the good news is the North’s social housing sector is leading the way, delivering green home upgrades, delivering positive social and climate outcomes to ensure all residents can live in a warm, sustainable home. It is essential residents have a say so that their homes are refurbished according to their needs and aspirations.

Learn more about the Retrofit Checklist at our Real Homes, Real Change Net Zero NHC members’ Showcase Webinar where you can find out more about the Checklist and the work NHC members have been doing in reducing carbon emissions and improving housing quality.

Download the checklist here.