Unlocking Success Bursary Scheme – Last chance to apply

I would just like to say a heart felt thank you to the Northern Housing Consortium for the £500 bursary. This money came at a time when we felt all hope was lost. That I was sinking into vicious circle. I had been let go from my job a few years previous and at that time my family where going through a lot of emotional problems. Fast forward a few years of being in a rut I found myself needing to go back to work to provide for my family. This money gave me the confidence and skill to get my CPC license renewed and also to look into other driving qualifications I need to boost my desirability to potential employees. I am now currently working and am able to provide for my family. Once again thank you.

Frank, a Progress Housing Group tenant.

In April we launched the third round of our Unlocking Success Bursary Scheme which will award bursaries of £500 to help tenants to develop their learning and skills to support future employment. The scheme is funded through the Northern Housing Consortium Charitable Trust. Our aim is to work together with our members to support and complement your work to increase tenant access to learning and skills development. Applications close on the 30th June 2021.

Since launching the Scheme in 2019 we have paid out 47 awards to the value of £16,400 across 24 member organisations.

Examples of what the bursary award has been used for:

  • Laptop to access online support and course to learn sign language to help with deafness
  • Laptops to enable individuals to take part in online courses
  • To cover childcare costs whilst studying for degree in social work
  • To contribute towards uniform costs for NHS midwifery placement

Successful applicant Kerry Dunn said:

‘Receiving the bursary has made it possible for me to learn from home which is of huge importance to me as I am a full time carer to my mum.

The money I received has gone towards a tablet making it much easier and safer for me to further my education during the pandemic.

Without the bursary I would have struggled to move forward with my education and my long-term goal of becoming a Midwife would have been pushed back another year.’

Apply via the Unlocking Success website here.

Successful applicant Kylie Dixon, a TORUS tenant said:

“The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with being put on furlough, it nearly being Xmas and still trying to pay all my bills. Without the bursary grant I honestly think I would have had to quit the course! Knowing I can pay the rest of the course fees has been a massive relief for me.

Once I’ve completed the course it will change mine & my sons’ life for the better. I can go on to a job that I love & fit my hours around Jake, and it looks really promising that my gym is going to employ me when I qualify!”

Apply via the Unlocking Success website here.

Further Notes:

  • We prioritise first those applicants who meet one of the four criteria listed on our website as potentially needing a greater level of support to enable them to continue to participate.  80% of the total applications we received last time met one of these four priority criteria
    • Priority should be given to students who meet one of the four criteria below. This reflects that students in these groups may need a greater level of support to enable them to continue to participate. The defined vulnerable groups are students who are:
    • in care,
    • care leavers,
    • receiving Income Support, or Universal Credit because they are financially supporting themselves or someone who is dependent on them and living with them such as a child or partner,
    • receiving Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments in their own right, as well as Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit in their own right
  • We’ve listened to feedback to alter the timing of award to enable those wanting to start courses in line with the academic year in Autumn