Upcoming NHC events

Our fourth session in Meet the Net Zero Challenge series focussing the Role of Data, which will explore the crucial role of data in achieving carbon neutrality in social housing. Our speakers will discuss how data-driven solutions can help reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable communities. Further details can be found here.

We will also be hosting two further sessions delivered by Dr Victoria Miller, Clinical Psychologist as part of the NHC focus on Workplace Wellbeing.  The sessions will focus on managing stress and building resilience in the social housing sector. Our experts will share strategies for coping with stress and building resilience in a fast-paced and demanding industry. The final session will focus on understanding trauma and its impact, and will cover tools and tips to reduce vicarious trauma and burnout.

Finally, we will be hosting our 14th Annual National Resident Involvement Conference, we will be discussing the importance of resident involvement in shaping housing policies and practices. Our expert panel will provide insights on how resident voices can be heard and integrated into decision-making processes.

Don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate with other professionals in the social housing sector. Register today to secure your spot at these three insightful events.