Yvonne Castle can support you with a wide range of improvement programmes either in a consultancy or interim capacity. Yvonne works with organisations on their transformational change agendas, including options for shared services and shared management. She develops change and efficiency strategies, she streamlines your processes to ensure efficient and can help support and develop people through the change programme.

Yvonne uses project management techniques to effectively deliver results – which are inevitably customer focused. As part of a transformational change programme she can address performance management, financial and risk management, internal and external communications, effective partnership working as well as developing people as leaders and managers of change. She is a coach, mentor and trainer and can build the capacity in your organisation to implement successful change programmes.

Yvonne has excellent interpersonal skills. As well as providing interim management, consultancy, coaching and mentoring to senior management, Yvonne is a trainer and works with customers, residents, Board Members as well as senior and junior staff in improving personal skills. This will include governance, scrutiny, equality and diversity, customer insight, value for money, commercial skills as well as running comprehensive leadership and management development programmes. These programmes cover managing people, managing change, planning and organising, political awareness, customer focus, creativity and innovation and personal effectiveness.


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