Housing’s role to tackle climate change and reach net zero targets is vital and NHC members will play a key part in achieving local and national targets to reduce emissions. Future-proofing homes in the North will involve reducing the amount of energy they use, transitioning them away from fossil fuel reliance, and ensuring they are prepared to deal with the changing climate.

This will involve increasing the energy efficiency of homes through insulation measures, replacing gas boilers with low carbon technologies, and adapting homes and local areas so they are resilient to overheating and flooding. 26% of the North’s carbon emissions come from our homes so these changes are crucial to reduce harmful emissions and meet net zero targets.

The NHC is committed to continuing the make the case for housing decarbonisation – a big priority for NHC members, and a key solution to the cost of living and climate crisis. Immediate financial support is urgently required for households, but we know the medium and long term solution to reduce bills and emissions will be to upgrade homes.

The North is home to a higher concentration of older, draughtier homes and so this is an incredibly important journey for us. NHC members in the North are ambitious to act and are doing innovative work across the region to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce the amount of energy they use.

The NHC is running a webinar series exploring the theme of Meet the Net Zero Challenge, supporting members to build the knowledge, confidence and resources in achieving this across their homes and communities.  Through this series we aim to move the conversation on, showcasing best practice, bringing you the latest policy  updates and opportunities for the North to lead the way.

Recordings and slides of completed sessions can be found on this page.

Over a year on from the Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury (SHTJ) reccomendations,  which prioritised conveying how retrofit works impact tenants, from the initial learning phases of energy efficiency measures, how long installation takes through to managing the disruption and adapting their heating use and changing behaviours

This will be explored and discussed further in this second session of the Meet the Net Zero Challenge webinar series, bringing together good practice from customer-centric retrofit projects, alongside presentations on how some of the SHTJ recommendations have been implemented and learning from other Tenant Climate Jurys across the North.