Estimated housing capacity on brownfield sites in the North of England


Number of affordable new homes the Government expect to be built by the end of the decade including 200,000 starter homes and 135,000 shared ownership properties


Housing budget doubled from one to two billion in the Autumn Statement 2015

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Economy, Employment and Skills

Economy, employment, and skills are important and growing themes for the Northern Housing Consortium. We have recognised since the present government came to office that we must articulate our case for housing in the North within an economic narrative.

We have recognised since the present government came to office that we must articulate our case for housing in the North within an economic narrative.

The initial stimulus provided by construction activity, for example:

  • Spending £1 on construction generates £2.60 of value-added
  • Building one house provides the equivalent of 2.3 years of direct employment for one person
  • £1million spent on housing is the equivalent to 17.65 years of employment

The long-term impact of housing in tackling big issues such as health and climate change, for example:

  • £1 spent on adaptations = £69.37 saved in NHS over 10 years
  • £1 spent on insulation = £34.19 saved in NHS over 10 years
  • £1 spent on overcrowding = £6.71 saved in NHS over 10 years

Employment and Skills

Tackling the Skills Gap: Call for Evidence

Unemployment rates are generally on the decline, however in our buoyant labour market, skills shortage vacancies present a growing challenge for employers, local economies and communities. According to the last Employer Skills Survey, published in 2015, 6% of all employers have at least one skill shortage. This is a significant increase from 4% back in 2013.

As part of the NHC’s wider work programme around employment & skills, we would like to hear from members on the approaches your organsiations and your local partners are adopting or planning to tackle the skills gap including:

  • Partners around the table
  • Engagement with employers and education sector
  • What key skills are required by local employers?
  • What approaches are you and your partners adopting to fill the skills gap and raise skill levels now and in the future?
  • What evaluation processes are in place or carried out to date?

The NHC is aware of some of the pilots and great work underway across the North to tackle the skills gap, and will be engaging with the pilots.

Leeds NEET-Free City

Being out of work and education is a common problem for a lot of young people in Britain,  a whole generation of young people risk their lives being blighted by unemployment. Like many councils, in Leeds they are shaping a strategy to tackle the problem by responding to the particular needs and opportunities of their city.  Back in 2013, Leeds made one commitment that there will no NEET’s – young people “not in education, employment or training” across Leeds.

Voluntary Action Leeds compiled a report in 2015, following the year long Young Lives Leeds NEET Research Project engaging young people (16-24) who are currently Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) or who were recently NEET. The aim was to access the views, issues and aspirations of young people, who are NEET and living in Leeds and to give them a voice in the development of the support that is available to them.  The full report can be accessed here.

Greater Manchester Housing Consortium – The Skills for Employment Programme

Several housing associations across Greater Manchester have secured a contract worth a minimum of £353,000 to deliver accredited employment, training and placement opportunities.

The Skills for Employment programme will be delivered through a supply chain, administered by the Skills Funding Agency and funded by the Local Growth Fund and European Social Fund.

Housing & Work Incentives presentation delivered by Dave Power, Group CEO One Manchester and GM CEO lead on Employment & Skills, at the NHC Northern Housing Summit on Monday 21st February in Manchester can be viewed here.

For further information please visit GM Housing Consortium website.



Tenant Enterprise

Back in 2012/13 NHC worked with Sheffield Hallam University to demonstrate the positive economic impact of housing organisation on the North.

View details of the report here

In addition, you can read more about the Consortium’s work on the following economy and enterprise issues:

Regional Growth Fund